Resources to Train Alarm Users

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How to Select the Right System

  • Burglar Alarm Systems: A Consumer Guide to Purchasing an Alarm System and Understanding False Alarms Manual
  • Residential Security: Helping Residents Reduce Criminal Opportunity Manual
  • Consumer Protection and the Alarm User-Before you Buy
  • Door to Door Sales

How to Reduce False Alarms In Specific Types of Bulidings

  • False Alarm Prevention for Banks                       English                 en Español
  • False Alarm Prevention for Businesses              English                 en Español
  • False Alarm Prevention for Schools                     English                 en Español
  • False Alarm Prevention For Churches And Other Worship Facilities                English                 en Español
  • False Alarm Prevention for Residences – helping residents reduce criminal opportunity         English                 en Español
  • Apartment Bulletin
  • False Alarms to Go – Restaurant False Alarm Reduction
  • Reduce Commercial False Alarms – Improve Your Bottom Line

How to Use your System

  • Appropriate Use of Duress, Hold-Up and Panic Alarms
  • Are You Ready For Vacation Bulletin
  • Audio and Video Verification
  • Battery Bulletin
  • Before Activating Your Alarm
  • Consumer Protection and the Alarm User-After you Buy
  • Consumer Reminders
  • Consumer Security System Operation Reminders
  • Enhanced Call Verification
  • False Alarm Problem Solved
  • False Alarms Pets and Rodents
  • Holidays
  • Home Alarm Services
  • If You Give Them A Key- Give Them A Code
  • Include Your Alarm System in Your Disaster Plan
  • Lightning
  • Maintaining Contact with Alarm Company
  • Maximizing Your Alarm System’s Effectiveness
  • New Home Move-ins
  • Password VS Passcode – What is the Difference
  • Rearranging your Home Environment
  • Remodeling
  • Selling a Home Should Not be Alarming!
  • Springtime FA Reduction Tips
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)- New Way to Communicate – New Problems For Security Systems
  • What’s An Alarm User To Do?