Training Materials

FARA Presentations To Alarm Users

FARA has developed presentations that you can use to train alarm users.

FARA Presentations for Alarm Unit Professionals

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Using FARA Webinars

Part of the FARA mission is to provide training and a forum for public safety, the alarm industry, and the alarm user to exchange information on successful false alarm reduction programs in a cooperative environment. The ability to review previous webinars, as well as attend future ones, will be a great way to continue to provide our members with educational opportunities and provide for interaction among all parties as we work towards successful alarm management programs.

If you have never viewed a recorded Webinar before, it is easy! All you need is a computer, internet access and audio capabilities. You will be able to see the presentation, listen to the presenter on your computer, and even hear the Q & A during and after the presentation!

How to Create Regional Meetings
 Originally conducted -July 27, 2011

Ever wonder what others in your area do about certain problems? Need help with a problem of your own. Is there an issue that is common to your state or province that a united front would help solve? Would you like to meet with other members of FARA but not sure who they are? Your solution may be a regional meeting or it may be time to create your Chapter of FARA.

Downloads For Regional Meetings

How to Survive the Next Summer Sales Season
 Originally conducted – April 28, 2009.

Attendees at this session learned how to get ready for for another summer sales season where out of state salespeople visit an area and sell alarm systems. Some are ethical and in full compliance, but many are not. Learn what the problems are, what to look out for, ways to help ensure that your citizens are not swindled by unscrupulous sales people, and see the written educational materials FARA and others have produced. Once you view this session, if you need additional information or assistance, let us know.

Downloads For How to Survive the Next Summer Sales Season

Professionalism in Alarm Management
Originally conducted – April 27, 2009

Most training symposium attendees have a specific need that they want to address, whether it is their first time to participate or they are regulars to the training classes. This session identified those needs and gave the answers or learned that some topics would be addressed in future sessions. There is nothing too big or too small that FARA and its members can’t work on if we don’t already have what you are looking for. Don’t reinvent the wheel. We have all the parts you need! Once you have viewed this session, if you have additional suggestions, please let us know!

Downloads For Professionalism in Alarm Management

3rd Party Alarm Management 101
 – Originally conducted -April 30, 2009.

Become an educated consumer. Explore what to look for when shopping for a 3rd party vendor to outsource day-to-day operations. Learn how you might be able to save your department money and get additional perks through aggressive contract negotiations. Once you view this session, if you need additional information or assistance, let us know.

Downloads For 3rd Party Alarm Management 101

FARA Regional Training

Learn How To Implement Your Successful Solution To False Alarms.

We have your program, your answer, and your way to decrease false alarms and increase revenue.

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The testimonial excerpts cited below are just a small sampling of the good reviews received for the FARA Regional Training Seminar that is available to all public safety agencies, alarm industry and alarm users in the U.S. and Canada!

The False Alarm Reduction Association, one of today’s most respected public safety associations, created to help contend with what appears to be endless false alarm response problems, has developed a comprehensive, interactive two-day training course designed to teach you how to design, adopt, fund and implement a successful false alarm reduction program.

You’ll learn the vital skills necessary to handle your false alarm problems. Whether you’re new to the world of false alarm reduction or are a well-established unit, you’ll take home numerous ideas, imaginative solutions and best practices that can be put into use the very next day.

  • How to identify the extent of the problem
  • False alarm causes and how to avoid them
  • Benefits of alarm management
  • How to evaluate successful programs
  • Getting your ordinance adopted or enhanced
  • How to implementyour program
  • How to fund your program
  • How to publicize your program
  • Options to design your own program

If your agency’s desire is to bring the most credible and objective false alarm reduction seminar to your area, please contact  Brad Shipp (301) 518-9237 or email FARA’s Executive Director. He will work with you to make this False Alarm Reduction Seminar a successful experience in your jurisdictional area.

With possible grant monies available, sponsorship by local alarm industry representatives or businesses within your community, we can keep costs down and offer an instruction packed seminar that will help all alarm coordinators, administrators, unit managers, alarm industry representatives and alarm users alike learn what they need to know to create a totally effective false alarm reduction program. If you truly desire positive results please contact FARA’s representatives today.

Testimonials from previous class attendees include:

    • “ the subject matter was presented by professional, hands-on instructors”
    • “it was a wonderful opportunity to meet and interact with other alarm coordinators who experience similar problems”
    • “networking, new ideas, I had no clue of FARA’s existence!”
    • “the friendliness and openness of the FARA members and their willingness to share their knowledge, experience, policies and practices”
    • “honestly, nothing negative can be said”
    • “interaction between police services, alarm companies and end users was the best”