FARA Publications with Review Dates

Publication NameDocument TypeCurrent DateNext Scheduled ReviewResponsible for Review 
Enhanced Call VerificationBulletin4/5/20132016Communications Comm
Appropriate Use of Duress, Hold-Up and Panic AlarmsBulletin4/5/20132016Communications Comm
Selling a Home Should Not Be Alarming!Bulletin7/9/20132016Communications Comm
Include Your Alarm System in Your Disaster PlanBulletin9/10/20132016Communications Comm
False Alarms, Pets & RodentsBulletin9/10/20132016Communications Comm
Maintaining Contact with Your Alarm CompanyBulletin9/10/20132016Communications Comm
If You Give Them A Key, Give Them The Codes!Bulletin10/8/20132017Communications Comm
Consumer Protection and the Alarm User - Before You BuyBulletin10/8/20132017Communications Comm
Consumer Protection and the Alarm User - After You BuyBulletin10/8/20132017Communications Comm
Your Alarm System, Battery Backup and False Alarm PreventionBulletin6/4/20132017Communications Comm
Rearranging Your Home Environment!Bulletin6/4/20132017Communications Comm
Are You Ready for Vacation?Bulletin6/4/20132017Communications Comm
Lightning + Thunderstorms + Power Outages = False Alarms?Bulletin12/3/20132018Communications Comm
Spring False Alarm Reduction TipsBulletin12/3/20132018Communications Comm
How Remodeling Your Home or Business Can Cause False AlarmsBulletin12/3/20132018Communications Comm
HolidaysBulletin12/3/20132018Communications Comm
Before Activating Your Alarm SystemBulletin12/3/20132018Communications Comm
Password vs. Passcode : What is the Difference?Bulletin12/3/20132018Communications Comm
Home Alarm Services 101Bulletin3/23/20112014Communications Comm
What's An Alarm User To Do?Bulletin5/25/20112014Communications Comm
False Alarm?...Problem SolvedBulletin10/4/20112014Communications Comm
Maximizing Your Alarm System's EffectivenessBulletin10/6/20112014Communications Comm
Audio and Video VerificationBulletin1/10/20122014Communications Comm
Burglar Alarm Systems and ApartmentsBulletin1/10/20122014Communications Comm
New Home Move-InsBulletin1/10/20122015Communications Comm
Consumer Security System Operation RemindersBulletin1/10/20122015Communications Comm
Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)Bulletin3/6/20122015Communications Comm
False Alarms to Go - Restaurant False Alarm ReductionBulletin4/10/20122015Communications Comm
Reduce Commercial False AlarmsBulletin4/10/20122015Communications Comm
Patrol Officers and False Alarm Reduction - A Call to ActionBulletin4/30/20122015Communications Comm
Do-ItYourself Alarm SystemsBulletin3/25/20142019Communications Comm
A Consumer Guide to Purchasing an Alarm System and Understanding False AlarmsManual or Guide8/6/20132017Communications Comm
FARA/NESA Guide to Alarm EquipmentManual or Guide2/4/20142017Communications Comm
How to Calculate False Alarm Dispatch StatisticsManual or Guide12/3/20132017Communications Comm
How to Create the Most Effective Annual Report GuideManual or Guide6/5/20122017Communications Comm
Working with Third Party Administration CompaniesManual or Guide6/4/20132018Communications Comm
False Burglar Alarm Reduction Strategies ManualManual or Guide12/3/20132018Communications Comm
Residential Security: Helping Residents Reduce Criminal OpportunityManual or Guide1/7/20142018Communications Comm
FARA Standard for Smoke Emitting DevicesManual or Guide7/9/20132018Communications Comm
Alarm Management SoftwareManual or Guide6/22/20112014Communications Comm
Software Vendor QuestionnaireManual or Guide6/22/20112014Communications Comm
How to Create an Alarm User Awareness SchoolManual or Guide8/24/20112014Communications Comm
How to Create Regional MeetingsManual or Guide8/24/20112014Communications Comm
Alarm Administration and 911Manual or Guide8/24/20112014Communications Comm
How to Develop and Implement a False Alarm Reduction ProgramManual or Guide11/8/20112015Communications Comm
Developing a Community Outreach ProgramManual or Guide2/7/20122015Communications Comm
Universal Alarm User Permit/Registration Form GuideManual or Guide1/10/20122015Communications Comm
Model for Electronic Filing of Alarm System RegistrationsManual or Guide1/10/20122015Communications Comm
Grant Writing ManualManual or Guide2/7/20122016Communications Comm
Job Descriptions for Alarm Unit StaffManual or Guide2/7/20122016Communications Comm
Proactive Alarm Industry Customer Service - A Law Enforcement PerspectiveManual or Guide4/10/20122016Communications Comm
Acronyms and Terms GlossaryManual or Guide4/10/20122016Communications Comm
False Alarm Prevention Brochure - BankBrochure11/5/20132015Communications Comm
False Alarm Prevention Brochure - Bank/SpanishBrochure11/5/20132015Communications Comm
False Alarm Prevention Brochure - BusinessBrochure9/10/20132016Communications Comm
False Alarm Prevention Brochure - Business/SpanishBrochure9/10/20132016Communications Comm
False Alarm Prevention Brochure - SchoolBrochure10/8/20132017Communications Comm
False Alarm Prevention Brochure - School/SpanishBrochure10/8/20132017Communications Comm
False Alarm Prevention Brochure - ChurchesBrochure8/6/20132018Communications Comm
False Alarm Prevention Brochure - Churches/SpanishBrochure8/6/20132018Communications Comm
False Alarm Prevention Brochure - ResidentialBrochure1/7/20142019Communications Comm
False Alarm Prevention Brochure - Residential/SpanishBrochure9/15/20102014Communications Comm
FARA Model Alarm OrdinanceModel Ordinance7/9/20132016Communications Comm
FARA Guide to Alarm OrdinanceModel Ordinance7/9/20132016Communications Comm
Multi-Jurisdictional Alarm User Membership in FARA FlyerMembership Material11/15/20112014Membership Comm
Security Equipment Manufacturer Membership in FARA FlyerMembership Material11/15/20112014Membership Comm
General Membership Brochure (Web Version of Tri-Fold)Membership Material3/20/20122015Membership Comm
General Membership Brochure Tri-FoldMembership Material3/20/20122015Membership Comm
Renewal Membership Tri-FoldMembership Material3/20/20122015Membership Comm
FARA Introduction PowerPointMembership Material3/20/20122015Membership Comm
Duress/Hostage CodesResolution2014JanBoard
Single-Action Panic Buttons Located on Key Fobs and PendantsResolution2014JanBoard
Enhanced Call Verification (ECV)Resolution2014MarchBoard
Cancel and Abort SignalsResolution2014MarchBoard
ANSI-SIA CP-01 Control Panel StandardResolution2014FebBoard
Smoke Emitting Devices Position PaperPosition/White Paper2013JuneBoard
Verified Response Position PaperPosition/White Paper2013JuneBoard
Do It Yourself Systems Position PaperPosition/White Paper2013DecBoard
FARA Board of Director DutiesFARA Admin Document2013AprilBoard
Executive Director DutiesFARA Admin Document10/6/2011OctBoard
Fee ScheduleFARA Admin Document2014AprilBoard
Assistance Request Policy StatementFARA Admin Document2013JulyBoard
Committee GuidelinesFARA Admin Document2013NovBoard
FARA Antitrust StatementFARA Admin Document2013NovBoard
1+ Duress = False AlarmsPublic Safety Tip2/23/20112014Training Comm
Alarm System FundamentalsPublic Safety Tip2/23/20112014Training Comm
Billing OptionsPublic Safety Tip2/23/20112014Training Comm
Common Entry and Exit ErrorsPublic Safety Tip2/23/20112014Training Comm
Communication Reduces False AlarmsPublic Safety Tip2/23/20112014Training Comm
Education Reduces False AlarmsPublic Safety Tip2/23/20112014Training Comm
Evaluate, Adjust & SucceedPublic Safety Tip2/23/20112014Training Comm
False Alarms QuantifiedPublic Safety Tip2/23/20112014Training Comm
How to Pass Your OrdinancePublic Safety Tip2/23/20112014Training Comm
How to Succeed in Your Alarm UnitPublic Safety Tip2/23/20112014Training Comm
Major Causes of False AlarmsPublic Safety Tip2/23/20112014Training Comm
Major Impacts of False AlarmsPublic Safety Tip2/23/20112014Training Comm
Make a List and Check it TwicePublic Safety Tip2/23/20112014Training Comm
Prime Solutions to False AlarmsPublic Safety Tip2/23/20112014Training Comm
Proactive Alarm Company False Alarm PreventionPublic Safety Tip2/23/20112014Training Comm
Standards and Reduce False AlarmsPublic Safety Tip2/23/20112014Training Comm
What to do After a False AlarmPublic Safety Tip2/23/20112014Training Comm
Industry False Alarm Reduction Efforts (new)Public Safety Tip12/7/20132016Training Comm