The False Alarm Reduction Association is committed to reducing false alarms. Members are employed by government and public safety agencies, along with alarm industry and other professionals.

FARA & NESA Release NEW Video Verification Standard

The standard covers: Definitions, Central Station/Monitoring Facility Procedures, Video Quality & Storage, Installation and User Responsibilities. FARA & NESA hope to provide guidance for the responsible and effective use of video to attempt to verify alarm...

Resource for Alarm Users

FARA has created a site specifically for alarm users at http://alarmuser.org/. The site includes information to help alarm users use their systems effectively while reducing false alarms. It also includes information on the following topics: How to avoid false alarms....

FARA Model Ordinance

FARA has revised its Model ordinance to make it easier to use and more effective when implemented. The old separate ordinances on Burglar Alarms, Fire Alarms, Mobile Security and Smoke Emitting Devices have all been consolidated into a single model. Notes and options...

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