Support the FARA Institute

 With the continued pressure our economy is placing on public safety agencies throughout the US and Canada, the need to further reduce false alarms is great but the agencies’ resources are diminished. FARA’s library of publications and variety of programs, developed through the effort of its volunteers, provides valuable guides and information.

However, our Annual Training Symposium continues to be our best outreach program. Each year experienced and inexperienced alarm managers gather to share tips on successful programs and the challenges that confront them each day. Equally valuable is the industry participation and the ability to meet and discuss issues face to face. This interaction is vital to ensuring that FARA is keeping up with all the industry trends that can affect alarm management programs.

The FARA Institute Program reimburses public safety members for their costs to attend the annual symposium.

We ask you to think about the value that each alarm manager, who has been exposed to the successful cooperative techniques, brings to the false alarm reduction effort and contribute accordingly.

Contributors to the Institute receive:

  • Sign at Symposium
  • Recognition in Onsite Program
  • Recognition in Weekly Infolink Newsletter

Use the “Add Donation for FARA Institute” box in the cart to contribute to send public safety members to the symposium