Support the FARA Institute

With the pressures our economy is placing on public safety agencies throughout the US and Canada, the need to reduce false alarms is even greater than usual. Localities are asked to do more with each resource they have, but when funds are scarce, the pressure is even more significant. The uncertainty of our economy has led many localities to restrict funding for travel. The symposiums have been the cornerstone to, and have been the preferred method of, training our members in false alarm reduction.

The False Alarm Reduction Association is committed to cooperative effort among alarm users, alarm companies, and public safety to solve the false alarm problem. But we only succeed with the support of companies, associations, and people like you. Past supporters of the FARA Institute have helped eighty five public safety professionals to attend our symposiums.

Here are just a few of the thank yous we received from attendees.

  • “I want to thank FARA for providing me with the opportunity to attend this year’s symposium. Without the FARA Institute I would not have been able to attend due to budget constraints.”
  • “I would like to extend my appreciation to the FARA Institute for paying my way to the symposium in Buffalo. As a first time attendee, I felt that the meetings were very informational and a great learning process for all.”
  • “I wish to offer our sincere thanks and appreciation to the FARA Institute for providing financial support for us to attend the 2010 FARA Symposium. Without the support of the FARA Institute to provide assistance for our major expenses, we would not have been able to attend the conference.”

Because the economic situation continues to look uncertain it is clear that travel will continue to be a challenge without the FARA Institute. FARA is asking for contributions to provide this valuable service to our members. Every contribution helps and will be acknowledged.

We know that funds are tight for everyone this year, but we ask you to think about the value that each public safety professional who attends the symposium brings to the false alarm reduction effort and contribute accordingly.