Member Benefits

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All FARA members will receive FARA’s weekly newsletter; The InfoLink. The InfoLink contains valuable information on false alarm reduction programs that are working throughout the country, as well as information of specific concern to alarm unit employees, such as mobile security, mergers and acquisitions, industry perspectives, and much more.


FARA has created over 75 publications to help you institute programs that will reduce false alarms. FARA has developed a set of guides and bulletins to help alarm users make an informed decision on an alarm system purchase and use the information to help prevent false alarms. The information that FARA has developed for consumers includes a guide for consumers who are purchasing an alarm system, a guide on overall steps one can take to secure a residence and four trifold brochures on false alarm reduction steps for specific types of users (banks, businesses, school, religious facilities and residences). FARA has also developed several one page bulletins on a variety of topics including: consumer protection, how to operate your alarm system, dealing with your alarm company, common causes of false alarms and steps you can take to reduce them.

This information is available to FARA members for use and distribution. Members should visit the Members section for more information. Members can download these publications from our website. Nonmembers can contact a member alarm company or local jurisdiction to receive copies.

Knowledge And Networking

One of the greatest benefits of membership in FARA is the wealth of knowledge that is available from and through its members. FARA members can take advantage of “Assistance Requests”. We will email your fellow members to get the answer to your question. In the “Members Only” portion of this web page, you can gain access to all members of FARA, which provides you with tremendous networking capabilities. Do you want to know if anyone currently denies response under specific conditions? How about whether or not abuser school is really worth it? Has anyone dealt with the complexities of handling appeals and if so, how did you do it? The list goes on and on. All FARA members need to do is simply pick up the phone and call someone – anyone, on the list. If that person doesn’t know the answer to your question, chances are very good that you can be referred to someone who can help you. If it is easier for you to e-mail a FARA member, that capability will be available also.


FARA’s committees are constantly working on new initiatives that will aid in the reduction of false alarms and help us all do our jobs more efficiently and effectively without having to reinvent the wheel. Committee work allows members to have substantial input regarding the topics FARA investigates, the written materials it publishes and the direction of the association.


A huge benefit of membership is the training members receive at the annual national conferences held by the FARA. Just some of the training opportunities from previous conferences include: physical site security seminar, how to create a false alarm reduction unit including budgeting, software and ordinances, crime analysis/the problem oriented approach to reducing false alarms, customer service and the alarm user, training on alarm system equipment, handling false alarm appeals, working with recalcitrant or angry consumers, mergers and acquisitions, limited or non-response, and publishing false alarm rates.

Annual Symposium

Each year we offer a myriad of training, workshops, and interactive seminars at our Annual Training Conference. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about how false alarm reduction programs are implemented around the country and in Canada. Start the approval process today with your municipality and visit the Symposium page for more information.

Mentoring Program

The FARA Mentoring Program is designed to assist new members with the myriad of issues we all face in attempting to reduce false alarms in our communities. The mentor will offer suggestions, explain where to find information, give advice on tried and true strategies to employ to “get the job done” and will generally be available to help the new member in any way appropriate. Mentors will contact the new member within two weeks of the Board action to approve the application.

FARA Professional Certification Program

The False Alarm Reduction Association has developed a Professional Certification Program, which provides a mechanism for public safety false alarm reduction professionals to demonstrate that they have attained a certain level of proficiency and expertise in the false alarm reduction arena. This one-of-a-kind Professional Certification requires the successful completion of a competency exam, which is given under strict rules and guidelines. Visit the Members Section to learn more about this exciting program, its objectives, rules and even some sample exam questions.