Plan to Join us in Tampa, FL

April – May 2019


About the Symposium

Our training symposiums have knowledgeable instructors, answers to your questions and are an extraordinary opportunity to network with your peers from the US and Canada. Interactive sessions bring attendees valuable information on topics such as: how to improve your program, how alarms should work, collections, selecting software, dealing with alarm users and industry updates.


Who Should Attend

Training symposiums are designed to be beneficial for all segments of the false alarm puzzle including public safety personnel, alarm industry representatives, alarm users, vendors and all others who can help to develop and manage successful false alarm reduction programs.

FARA Institute Reimbursement

Limited funds are available to reimburse FARA public safety members to travel to the Symposium. Before you request any funds you must exhaust the possibility of getting travel funds from your agency. Because we want to help as many people as possible to get tot he symposium we ask that you request only what you need. For example some agencies are able to get funding for registration fees but not for airfare, while others may be able to get travel funds but not registration fees.

Quotes from past attendees

“I appreciated every topic covered. I felt like a sponge & tried to absorb everything! I very much appreciated when everyone shared /offered experiences.”

“I really enjoyed the classes. I had planned my schedule and knew what I wanted to learn while attending the Symposium to take back.”

“Great food. I really enjoyed being able to meet so many great people.”

“Everything – very informative. Great group of people, too! Very useful information to assist in my position!”

“The conference was educational and I learned a lot of new information to take back to my agency. I liked comparing each other’s ordinances to see what everyone is doing. The instructors were knowledgeable and entertaining. I am looking forward to next year’s conference.”